music theatre

Ephémère Enchainé

16. & 17. Aug 2019
Bregenzer Festspiele

Octobre 2021
Musiktage Donaueschingen


Alvaro Collao Leon, saxophone
Spiros Laskaridis, trumpet
Stefan Obmann, trombone
Samuel Toro Perez, guitar
Mathilde Hoursiangou, keyboard, piano
Ivana Pristasova, violin
Sophia Goidinger-Koch, viola
Roland Schueler, cello
Berndt Thurner, percussion
Maximilian Ölz, (electric) bass
Florian Bogner, sound design

& Something Out There

Frederick Sakham, Bass
Jennifer Torrence, Percussion
Adam Rosenblatt, Percussion
Primoz Sukic, Guitar
Gwen Rouger, Keyboards & Electronics
François Sarhan, Voice


Ephémère Enchainé
a music theatre by Francois Sarhan
– a production by Bregenzer Festspiele together with the Donaueschinger Musiktage and  La Muse en Circuit

A unique cosmos full of music, stories, pictures and films fills the workshop stage on two consecutive evenings. The French artist François Sarhan seduces the audience with real and deceptively real stories, enigmatic figures and mysterious sounds.

Inspired by the Russian avant-garde and wondrous finds of European cultural history, grotesque and humorous worlds emerge. Again and again, figures such as Fjodor Dostojewski’s fantastic narrator Bobok or the peculiar Professor Henry Glaçon emerge.

In Sarhan’s self-designed and collaged stage sets of paper, his music and lyrics resound. Musicians of the international ensemble Something Out There and the Ensemble Phace from Vienna play on different stages within the space. The audience is invited to move freely in this cosmos on one or both evenings, which have different contents, and to leave it again and again during the several-hour performances. The fleeting nature of music, of the performing arts, can be experienced directly and at the same time enclosed in a space, as the French title of these evenings expresses: Éphémère Enchainé.

Music | Text | Concept | Space     François Sarhan

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