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Lies of Civilization

18.Jul.2019 // 20:00 (world premiere)
19.Jul.2019 // 19:00
Stuttgart, Theaterhaus – Südseite P1


Musiktheatertage Wien
13.Sept.2019, 19:00 (austrian premiere)
14.Sept.2019, 19:00
WUK Projektraum
Währinger Str. 59, 1090 Wien

Neue Vokalsolisten Stuttgart

Truike van der Poel, Mezzosopran
Martin Nagy, Tenor
Guillermo Anzorena, Bariton
Andreas Fischer, Bass

Soloists of PHACE

 Mathilde Hoursiangou, keyboard/sampler
Reinhold Brunner, clarinet(s)
Berndt Thurner, percussion


Staging: Gable & Romy Roelofsen / Het Geluid Maastricht
Equipment: Davy van Gerven;
Light: Luc Schaltin
Dramaturgy: Georg Steker, Christine Fischer, Het Geluid
Idea and Concept: Georg Steker
Production Manager: Jakob Berger / Music of the Centuries Stuttgart


a coproduction by Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart (DE), Musiktheatertage Wien (AT), Operadagen Rotterdam (NL), National Opera Bergen (NO) und Het Geluid Maastricht (NL).

“In the name of civilization, Western values, democracy and peace …”

LIES of CIVILIZATION investigates the fractures of the “myth of civilization”, which is deeply woven into the values ​​of Western cultural history. Four representatives of a young generation of composers formulate their positions on CIVILIZATION LIES and know that the euphoria over civilization achievements all too often obscures the inhumane machinations and crimes behind it.
All four short pieces are staged by Het Geluid Maastricht and put into a full-length musical theater. With the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart and the Ensemble PHACE, two internationally renowned artist groups are ready for this.



Yiran Zhao: THE SINGLE DAY (working title)*
for mezzo soprano and three instruments wp

“I invite you to think more carefully about what we believe we know and what the real reality of the relationship between us and our environment is.” (Yiran Zhao)

Natalia Domínguez Rangel: The Invisible
for tenor, bass, percussion, synthesizer and electronics wp

“Political power is exercised on the individual so that he must obey the laws and rules himself – usually without using force. I like this idea of ​​invisibility. An underlying force, invisible and effective (good or bad). “
(Natalia Domínguez Rangel)

Øyvind Mæland: part of the job
for four voices, clarinet and percussion wp

“What worries me is the extent to which people are actually habit animals: today with all the knowledge acquired about human psychology, the causes of climate change and social inequality … even the well educated people among us are part of this spiral.” (Øyvind Mæland)

Malte Giesen: white border
for three male voices, three instruments and electronics wp

“I’m interested in frames, framing, contexts, framing – in particular, the mediatedness of any communication.” (Malte Giesen)


Duration: 75 minutes, no break – In English with German subtitles

Composition commissioned by the Musiktheatertage Wien, financed by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation


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