Monadologie XVIII – Moving Architecture

for voice and ensemble, based on construction plans of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York by R. Abraham

14.Oct.2020 // 20:00
Barcelona, L’auditori / Sampler Series

Cancelled due to COVID-19!

 a production by PHACE



Bernhard Lang


Joseph Trafton


Daisy Press


Alfred Reiter



Doris Nicoletti, flute
Reinhold Brunner, clarinet
Reinhard Zmölnig, horn
Spiros Laskaridis, trumpet
Mathilde Hoursiangou, synthesizer
Lukas König, percussion
Ivana Pristasova, violin
Anna Lindenbaum, viola
Manuel Schager, cello
Maximilian Ölz, double bass

Monadologie XVIII Moving Architecture’ consists of 22 pieces based on texts by Rose Ausländer and Bob Dylan that refer to the subject of emigration and are located at the intersection of pop culture and contemporary music.
The underlying rhythmic structures are used in the choreographic layer by Silke Grabinger and translated into movement patterns, applying a specially developed dance notation, that became an intrinsic part of the score.


Four walls, a ceiling and a floor
Is it a room ? Is it a cell?
If not for window and for door
It might seem a part of hell
(Rose Ausländer)


22.11.2015 |  Michaela Preiner   European Cultural News
Ensemble PHACE is one of the world’s best ensembles for contemporary music. They distinguish themselves by flexibility and courage… Such impressions may indicate how wonderfully Lang, Grabinger and their musicians did their job. The piece itself has the potential to become an iconic work of the beginning 21th century. One doesn’t need more than understanding eyes and trained ears to recognize what incredible, farseeing creative potential Monadology XVIII “Moving Architecture” contains.      

Event Dates

October 2020
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  • 14.Oct.2020 20:00

    Monadologie XVIII - Bernhard Lang (Cancellation due to COVID-19)

    Barcelona, L'auditori - Sampler Series

    Monadologie XVIII - Moving Architecture is conceptually based on the proportional implementation of the side view plans of the ACF (Austrian Cultural Forum) in New York City by Raimund Abraham. The temporal resolution of the architecture introduces the parameter of movement into the concept, as the movement of sound ...

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