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23.Nov.2022 // 19:30
Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart-Saal

PHACE Series 22/23 – N°1

A coproduction by PHACE, Wien Modern, Fondazione I Teatri Reggio Emilia, Teatro Verdi Pordenone & Wiener Konzerthaus (Zyklus PHACE)

Stefano Gervasoni, composition
Paolo Pachini, video
Nacho de Paz, conductor

Company of Music


In Nomine PPP – Cantata per Pier Paolo Pasolini für 8 voices, 16 instruments and video (2022) (Austrian premiere)
Text by Laurent Feneyrou on Pier Paolo Pasolini‘s writings selected by Roberto Calabretto, with a poem by Biagio Marin.


The Cantata per Pier Paolo Pasolini, composed on the occasion of his 100th birthday, pays homage to the work and life of the great Italian artist and intellectual and his political and cultural role in Italian and European society of the 1960s and 1970s. Stefano Gervasoni sets Pasolini’s poetry and writings to music in a large cantata, which also incorporates melancholic interludes by Josquin Desprez, all about lamentation, grief and loss, and grows into a broader musical connective tissue (so to speak: déploration pour la mort de Pier Paolo Pasolini). Following Pasolini’s anthropological vision, the eye of the camera in Paolo Pachini’s video explores poetic images of man and nature, countered by contemporary media streams. The closely interwoven interactions between music and images create a unique atmosphere in which perception is completely immersed.The hybridization of languages gives rise to a torn, but sometimes also forgiving expression, a homage to Pasolini’s harsh gaze, whose maieutic power lays bare things and – especially today in a globalized world – shows those intertweavings of modernity and tradition for which the poet was a prophet.


Prior to each concert, at 18:45, Juri Giannini will discuss the music with the composers within the setting of “Salon PHACE”.

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Event Dates

November 2022
  • Date
  • 23.Nov.2022 19:30

    PHACE series 2022/23 #1 - PASOLINI

    Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart Saal

    In Nomine PPP - Cantata per Pier Paolo Pasolini für 8 voices, 16 instruments and video (2022) (Austrian premiere)

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