chamber music


27.April.2020 // 19:30
SONEMUS Festival



Walter Seebacher, clarinet
Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano
Ivana Pristasova, violin
Roland Schueler, cello


supported by Austrian Cultural Forum Sarajevo, ske-fonds and BMKÖS


PHACE performing at festival SONEMUS in Sarajevo:



Olga Neuwirth
Quasare / Pulsare II for violin, cello and piano, 2017 D: 8‘

Hanan Hadzajlic
Concerto Transh(YouMan) for bass clarinet & bassdrum
(1.movement) 4’

Marcel Reuter
Interludio for clarinet, cello and piano, 4‘

Aliser Sijaric
Capriccio Meccanico für violin and piano 7’

Reinhard Fuchs
Tox 1b for clarinet, cello and piano, 12‘

Clara Iannotta
The people here go mad. They blame the wind
für for bass clarinet, cello, piano and 12 music boxes (2013/14)   D: 11

Johannes Maria Staud
Lagrein for clarinet, violin, cello and piano, 15‘

Event Dates

April 2020
  • Date
  • 27.Apr.2020 19:30

    SONEMUS (Cancellation due to COVID-19)

    Sarajevo, SONEMUS

    PHACE performing at festival SONEMUS in Sarajevo, mit Werken von Olga Neuwirth, Hanan Hadzajlic, Marcel Reuter, 
    Aliser Sijaric, Reinhard Fuchs, Clara Iannotta und Johannes Maria Staud.

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